1 During the bloom stage add Bloombastic every time you renew the reservoir. Flush before beginning to use Bloombastic in the 4th to 6th weeks.
2 Bloombastic is compatible with any base nutrient. For best results we recommend Atami / B’cuzz nutrients.
3 Bloombastic can be used in combination with a carbohydrate product as long as the product’s PK is low.
4 Using another high P-K product in combination with Bloombastic will result in overdose plants.
5 Bloombastic can be used on all substrates: Soil, Soilless mixes, Coco or Rockwool
6 Bloombastic can be used in combination with all irrigation systems: NFT, Ebb and Flow, Drippers, Bubblers, Aeroponics*

How to use!


Bloombastic is a BOOSTER, ACCELERATOR, TOP HARDENER, QUALITY IMPROVER and ESSENTIAL OILS INCREASING product. Bloombastic is an ORGANIC BASED PRODUCT containing sea kelp and clay minerals.

Start using Bloombastic (MIX APPROXIMATE 2 ML PER GALLON) when the buds first appear.

This will occur during the LAST 4 TO 6 WEEKS of the BLOOMING AND RIPENINGstages of plant growth.

You typically will see RESULTS within the FIRST 2 – 4 DAYS.

As you increase Bloombastics dosage up to a maximum of 4 ML PER GALLON IN THE LAST WEEKS OF BLOOMING, you will see an even more DRAMATIC EFFECT from the PK boost and when the METABOLIC ENHANCERS kick in.

PK value
14-15 W/W
20-21 W/V